Thursday, March 18, 2010

Intelligent Design

No, not the theological kind. But that thought does provide a starting point, because they really don't mean "intelligent design", now do they? No, they mean "intentional design."

Which is to say, meaning to do whatever it is you do. Otherwise, making it up as you go, it's just evolving, isn't it? It's going to evolve anyway - with each new piece of the puzzle, the whole thing changes somewhat and the other pieces will shift in order to fit. But there should be an intent in place before anything is written, shot, coded, has life breathed into it. Makes it easier to run the show, if you have a script.

Too many metaphors? Working on the web, it's all metaphors. Buttons, scrollbars, cursors, frames (accursed frames), layers -- it's all a representation of something else. Real-world items, paper documents, machine control interfaces.

Use them with a purpose. Any purpose will do, as long as you have one.

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